Haute-de-France & Upper Loire Barge Cruise 2020

Haute-de-France & Upper Loire Barge Cruise 2020


Loing canal, Loing river, Seine river and Marne river.

7 days, 6 nights. Highlights: Chateau of Fontainebleau, Medieval town of Moret sur Loing, Chateau of Vaux le Vicomte , Barbizon, Verrerie of Soisy sur école, Cheese visit.


Depart Meaux on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Welcome to C’est la Vie!

You’ll be met at 3:00pm in the lobby of your Paris hotel and chauffeured to the C’est La Vie.

For charter groups in the lobby of one hotel, mutually agreed upon by the group. Guests on individual cabin sailings will be picked up and returned to the Hotel Madison, 43 Boulevard St Germain,75006 Paris,Tel; +33 (0)1 40 51 60 00.

After the traditional champagne welcome from Captain Oliver Mégret and the crew, there is time to unpack and take a stroll, before enjoying the first of many gourmet dinners on board.


French Cheese Visit on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Sightseeing Cheese visit.

Cruise to Joinville le Pont

This morning we cruise on the river Marne going towards Paris and stopping at Joinville le Pont. This commune was created in 1791 under the name La Branche-du-Pont-de-Saint-Maur (literally “The Branch of Saint-Maur’s Bridge”) the commune was renamed Joinville-le-Pont (literally “Joinville the Bridge”) on 29 August 1831.

Afternoon visit to a cheese maker, to taste some of this regions famous cheese’s including Brie de Meaux.


Sightseeing at Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Sightseeing Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte

Cruise to Melun

Cruising on the river Marne and joining the river Seine, you will be able to catch a glimpse of some of the magnificent homes and gardens that line the banks of these two majestic rivers.

After lunch visit the Chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte, an enormous privately-owned property with grand gardens and an intriguing history. Built by Nicholas Fouquet, finance minister to Louis XIV, the chateau became a lightning rod for the jealous king. Fouquet landed in jail for the rest of his life and the king built Versailles in retaliation!

Could Fouquet have been the man in the iron mask, some people certainly think so?

Return to the C’est la Vie moored in Melun for cocktails and dinner


Sightseeing at Barbizon Painters Village on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Sightseeing Barbizon, Verrerie of Soisy-sur-École

Cruise to Melun (River Seine)

The afternoon visit takes us to Barbizon where, The Barbizon school of painters was part of an art movement towards realism in art, which arose in the context of the dominant Romantic Movement of the time. The Barbizon school was active roughly from 1830 through 1870. It takes its name from the village of Barbizon, France, near the Forest of Fontainebleau, where many of the artists gathered. Some of the most prominent features of this school are its tonal qualities, colour, loose brushwork and softness of form.

We finish with a visit to the glass blowing factory of Soisy sur école

Returning to the C’est La Vie in time to prepare for your dinner ashore at a local restaurant, carefully chosen by Olivier & Deborah.


Sightseeing in Moret sur Loing on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Sightseeing Moret sur Loing

Cruise to Nemours

Morning visit of this medieval town Moret sur Loing, this is where the painter Alfred Sisley spent most of his life. Sisley was an Impressionist landscape painter who was born and spent most of his life in France to English parents.

A speciality of the town of Moret-sur-Loing, barley sugar is one of the oldest boiled sweets in France. Enjoyed for over 300 years, this candy is available as amber-coloured round sweets or translucent sticks. It was first made in 1638 by nuns in the town, who prepared sweets with cane sugar and barley for medical purposes.


Sightseeing at Chateau de Fontainebleau on the Meaux to Montargis Cruise Route

Sightseeing Chateau of Fontainebleau

Cruise to Montargis

This morning cruise on the Loing canal we head to the town of Montargis, take this opportunity to walk or cycle on the tow path before lunch, which with weather permitting can be served on the front deck.

After lunch we will drive to the famous Chateau of Fontainebleau, built in the 16th century, it is often referred to as the “House of Centuries” due to the fact that every French monarch from Francois 1 to Napoleon 3 has left his mark upon this magnificent chateau.

Return to the “C’est La Vie” for the Captains dinner which ends your cruise in style.


Chauffered back to Paris

Return to Paris

Departure time is 9:30AM after breakfast. You’ll then be chauffeured back to Paris for the end of the morning.

We look forward to your company again on the “C’est la Vie”!


The Haute-de-France & Upper Loire Hotel Barge Cruise is run in reverse on alternate weeks and can be different due to locale conditions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The whole crew were top notch

We had a wonderful, relaxing time on the barge. The whole crew were top notch, friendly and professional. The food, wine & cheese were outstanding; we also enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers. This was the 2nd barge trip for us, in totally different parts of France, C’est La Vie and the Marne itinerary […]


C’est La Vie est extraordinaire

In my North Carolina French – C’est La Vie est extraordinaire. The food, wine, accommodations, service, excursions and ambience were all superb and easily exceeded our lofty expectations. Olivier, Deb, Tom, Adam, Alix & Heloise seemed to anticipate our every need or desire, for drinks, food, this & that – and all with such warmth […]

~ B&S H, WA

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