Upper Loire Barge Cruise 2020

Upper Loire Barge Cruise 2020


Our Upper Loire Barge cruise routes includes Sancerre to Montargis, Briare Canal and Latéral to the Loire Canal

7 days, 6 nights. Highlights: Sancerre winery, Faiencerie of Gien, Château of St Fargeau, Montargis, Château de la Bussière. Canal bridge of Briare, Dinner ashore at the 1 star Michelin restaurant Coté Jardin in Gien.


Upper Loire Cruise Route departing Canal Latéral

Welcome to C’est la Vie!

You’ll be met at 3:00pm in the lobby of your Paris hotel and chauffeured to the C’est La Vie.

For charter groups in the lobby of one hotel, mutually agreed upon by the group. Guests on individual cabin sailings will be picked up and returned to the Hotel Madison, 43 Boulevard St Germain,75006 Paris,Tel; +33 (0)1 40 51 60 00.

After the traditional champagne welcome from Captain Oliver Mégret and the crew, there is time to unpack and take a stroll, before enjoying the first of many gourmet dinners on board.


Sightseeing in Sancerre on the Upper Loire Cruise Route

Sightseeing to Sancerre

Cruise to Beaulieu

On our way, this morning we cruise to the village of Beaulieu, after lunch we take a short drive through the vineyards to visit to the fortified town of Sancerre, where you will have a private wine tasting of this famous Sauvignon Blanc.

This hill top medieval site gives you panoramic views over the Loire river and of the neighbouring vineyards of Pouilly Fumé.

Returning to the “C’est la Vie” for dinner.


Sightseeing Chateau of St Fargeau on the Upper Loire Cruise Route

Sightseeing Chateau of St Fargeau

Cruise to Ouzouer sur Trézée

This morning’s cruise takes us to the town of Ouzouer sur Trézée, crossing over the Loire river at Briare on the “Pont Canal”, this aqueduct designed by Gustave Eiffel, construction of this canal bridge started in 1890.

The Château of St Fargeau is this afternoon’s destination, dating from the 10th century; it was built by the bishop of Auxerre and has undergone many additions and restorations over the following years.

This evening’s dinner is ashore at the 1 star Michelin restaurant the Coté Jardin in Gien.


Sightseeing in Faiencerie de Gien on the Upper Loire Cruise Route

Sightseeing Faiencerie of Gien

Cruise to Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses

From Ouzouer sur Trézée we drive to the town of Gien, the world famous centre for French table ware after a visit to the pottery, take a walk through this market town and discover its remarkable history, on the banks of the Loire river there has been a settlement here since Romans times.

Back on board for lunch and an afternoon cruise to the town of Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses, there you will see 7 remarkable old locks, (hence its name Sept Ecluses) dating back to the reign of Henry IV, it was a major feat of engineering for its time.

Returning on board in time for cocktails and dinner.


Sightseeing at Château de la Bussiere on the Upper Loire Cruise Route

Sightseeing Château de la Bussiere

Cruise to Montbouy

If you haven’t already put on your walking shoes, now is the perfect time as we cruise to the village of Montbouy. After lunch your excursion will take you to the Château de La Bussiere, a prime example of a 12th Century medieval fortress. Open to the public since 1962, when the Count Henri de Chasseval decided to exhibit his extensive collection of material and pieces of art from around the world about fishing, but it’s not all about fishing, there are the grounds to visit with its 18th Century vegetable garden and a pond with a magnificent 300 year old Lebanon Cedar tree and much more.

We head back to the barge C’est La Vie with time to relax before dinner.


Sightseeing in Montargis, France on the Upper Loire Cruise Route

Sightseeing in Montargis

Cruise to Montargis

On the final day of our Upper Loire Barge cruise, we leave Montbouy and meander along the canal to the town of Montargis. With its 131 bridges, you can see why its nick name is “little Venice.” After lunch take a stroll around and discover the feudal castle, the half timbered buildings, shops and cafes. Perhaps buying some Pralines for which Montargis is famous.

The C’est La Vie awaits your return for the Captains dinner, which ends your cruise in style.


Chauffeured back to Paris

Return to Paris

Departure time is 9:30AM after breakfast. You’ll then be chauffeured back to Paris for the end of the morning.

We look forward to your company again on the “C’est la Vie”!


The Upper Loire Hotel Barge Cruise is run in reverse on alternate weeks and can be different due to locale conditions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The whole crew were top notch

We had a wonderful, relaxing time on the barge. The whole crew were top notch, friendly and professional. The food, wine & cheese were outstanding; we also enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers. This was the 2nd barge trip for us, in totally different parts of France, C’est La Vie and the Marne itinerary […]


C’est La Vie est extraordinaire

In my North Carolina French – C’est La Vie est extraordinaire. The food, wine, accommodations, service, excursions and ambience were all superb and easily exceeded our lofty expectations. Olivier, Deb, Tom, Adam, Alix & Heloise seemed to anticipate our every need or desire, for drinks, food, this & that – and all with such warmth […]

~ B&S H, WA

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