Look a little closer

Look a little closer
Look a little closer

We have all seen the photos of grand French chateaux and rolling vineyards but there is a treasure of sights to be found if you pause and look close enough.

Our client Erick and his party recently took lots of great photos we’ll be sharing with you but will start with this intriguing set.

Through the keyhole

You can see the arrow of time and history jumping out of these seemingly simple doorways. How many people have walked through them and what were their lives like.


Curiosities & oddities

If you look close enough, there is ever more detail than you could imagine. Whether when traversing a canal lock or walking along the pavement.

French lampost sign

Culinary delights

Not everything with exquisite detail is made from stone or wood, some of it can even be tasted and enjoyed.

french cuisine on board

Join us on a barge cruise

Why not come and see some of these wonderful sights for yourself, get in touch anytime to discuss your trip.

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