Meet Our Expert Barge Cruise Crew: Catering to All Your Needs

Meet Our Expert Barge Cruise Crew: Catering to All Your Needs
Olivier & Deb

Barge cruise holidays are known for their leisurely, relaxed nature, however, there is nothing slow-paced about our fantastic barge crew aboard the C’est La Vie!

Their raison d’etre is your contentment and wellbeing, and within minutes of you boarding the barge, they will already know your name and be putting you at total ease with their five-star hospitality skills.

This year, we are especially proud to introduce our women-strong crew, with female hostesses and chef.

Multinational team

Wherever your country of origin is, you can be assured of a cosmopolitan hello/salut or bienvenue aboard our barge cruise, from our hospitable international crew.

With a range of nationalities on board the C’est La Vie, including hostesses from England and Ireland, and a French chef, all with a wealth of experience in both catering and boating, globalisation has never been so genial.

Pilot of the waterways


Pilot of the waterways

Your captain, a skilled nautical professional, will navigate the C’est La Vie through narrow locks and beneath quaint bridges with ease, making maritime life look like a breeze.

Ask them any question you’d like; with their in-depth knowledge of waterways and love of exploring the canals of France, they’ll be sure to fill you in.


cest la vie crew


Our two hostesses are here to cater to your every need, ensuring your wine glass is always topped up, the sun deck is gleaming, your cabin is tidied, and your meals are served on schedule.

Whatever your question, our hostesses are hospitality pros and will probably have the answer or solution before you’ve made the request.

Tour guide

Notre-Dame de Reims

Notre-Dame de Reims

With his in-depth knowledge of the Hauts-de-France, Loire and Champagne regions, our trusted tour guide is passionate about the places we visit. With his love of the local area and familiarity with the landmarks and hidden charms of the region, his passion for the country is contagious.


Keeping the barge clean, tidy and ready for launch, our experienced deckhand ensures all systems run smoothly during your barge cruise.


food onboard the c'est la vie barge


Our French chef will ensure a mouth-watering selection of personally cooked meals are ready to feed your appetite after a magical day exploring the châteaux and vineyards of the Loire.

You can anticipate such delicacies as poached fresh local plums in a dark chocolate sauce with homemade vanilla ice cream, fillet of wild turbot with a mussel sauce, and slow cooked beef cheek followed by a delectable platter of French cheese.

Join us

To get to know our fantastic crew aboard the C’est La Vie and to experience the uniqueness of a relaxed, yet luxurious barge cruise along the serene waterways of France, get in touch or book now.

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